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Larry Graeber Works on Paper
March 1 to 31

“After many years of practice I trust a degree of empathy and understanding have found lodging in me. I am intrigued with the idea of approximations, even approximations of other approximations. I see this all the time as we relate one thing or another to each other.

“Though a work of mine may start with an initial idea I am always certain it is going to change, evolve and go through permutations that may or may not resemble the initial idea. It's exactly this phenomena, this discovery that intrigues me. This makes my responsibility one of crafting work as confidently and coherently as possible, so when viewed it can be accessible; intuitively and subjectively understood.

“Besides being autonomous as works in their own right, there are moments when they may contribute to other work such as sculpture, paintings, or other drawings, something I do with everything I make. 

“The figure has always been important to me, but it hadn't been a part of my vocabulary for a while until sometime last year. There seems to be a psychological component that the numerous eyes imply and question, even challenging the viewer, as to say, ‘I'm looking back at you, what do you see in me?’”



Ross Sawyers The future isn’t what it used to be
January 1 to February 28

“The world has shrunk to the size of this room for him, and for as long as it takes him to understand it, he must stay where he is. Only one thing is certain:  he cannot be anywhere until he is here. And if he does not manage to find this place, it would be absurd for him to think of looking for another.”

—from The Invention of Solitude, by Paul Auster

Constructing models, then viewing them through the camera, allows Ross to exaggerate and over-state the observations of his surroundings. The environments depicted in the works are close to the actual world, but the artist deliberately refuses to make accurate copies of reality in order to surprise us with environments of the unexpected.