Robert Yoder

Some Kind of Stranger


Classical Household 2017, embroidered cotton towel with appliqué, 45 x 28 inches, $1,100    

Court Yard 2017, embroidered cotton washcloth, 12 x 12 inches, $400

Formal Gardens.jpg

Formal Gardens 2017, embroidered cotton towel fragment, 21 x 24 inches, $400


Game Room 2017, embroidered cotton towel with appliqué, 46 x 28 inches, $1,100


Garage 2017, embroidered cotton washcloth, 24 x 16 inches, $400

Public Waterfront.jpg

Public Waterfront 2017, embroidered cotton towel with appliqué, 47 x 28 inches, $1,100

Spiral Staircase.jpg

Spiral Staircase 2017, embroidered cotton washcloth, 23 x 15 inches, $400


“This recent body of work takes the imagery from past paintings and puts them into multiple possible environments. I am monograming towels and hand cloths with invented symbols that assign ownership and property.  In doing so I am creating an identity; an individual and also a group that understands and operates within this environment. These citizens are united, spontaneous and resourceful as they accept the outcast and worn and see a value in history. Along with additional embellishments, these towels are a leftover from a past indicating the individual within the group. They show the wear and the use of their owner. With their shared aesthetics, they show an allegiance to the collective.” 

Robert Yoder is a Seattle-based artist, curator, and collector. His work is in many collections including Amgen Corporation, Boeing Corporation, The City of Seattle Public Art Collection, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Hallmark Corporation, Henry Art Gallery, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Swedish Health Services, Tacoma Art Museum, and Vulcan Incorporated.