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Donnabelle Casis Warp
March 1 to March 31

“I am fascinated by visual perception and how meaning is derived from what is seen. I look for hidden geometries which may connect disparate and discrete perspectives to form a greater whole. My current work explores identity and its relationship to markers and patterns. I draw from various sources such as ancient Filipino tribal tattoos and textiles, trajes de luces (suits of light) or bullfighting costumes, and facial recognition software. I am also interested in the literal use of patterns in design and in the form of ritual, in order to seek when patterns change.”


5 Artificial Structure, Artificial Landscape, 0912.jpg

David Willburn The World is the Teapot and the Cup
February 1 to February 28

“My work exists at the intersection of craft and fine art, and within that space I explore traditions of drawing, painting, and sculpture. The process of making mixed-media paintings, embroidered drawings, and installation projects often begins with images and ideas culled from contemporary culture and politics—photographs or memories of a specific event. Items and scenes from my own home, social institutions, or mass media are starting points that are filtered through layers of abstraction and analysis as a way of stripping away the familiarity and objectness of things and situations. These reimagined ideas and compositions are loaded with more possibility. In these abstractions I find new narratives, and I look for ways to queer the materials, reshaping and repurposing things through form and subject.”



Robert Yoder
January 1 to January 31

“This recent body of work takes the imagery from past paintings and puts them into multiple possible environments. I am monograming towels and hand cloths with invented symbols that assign ownership and property.  In doing so I am creating an identity; an individual and also a group that understands and operates within this environment. These citizens are united, spontaneous and resourceful as they accept the outcast and worn and see a value in history. Along with additional embellishments, these towels are a leftover from a past indicating the individual within the group. They show the wear and the use of their owner. With their shared aesthetics, they show an allegiance to the collective.”