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Special Exhibition
Under the Rainbow
A call-and-response exhibition in conjunction with Hide/Seek at the Tacoma Art Museum, curated from the collections of Greg Kucera of Greg Kucera Gallery, Gail Gibson of G. Gibson Gallery, James Harris of James Harris Gallery, and Stephen Lyons of Platform Gallery as well as from private collections.

Featuring work by
John O’Reilly, Annie Leibowitz, Paul Cadmus, Kelli Connell, David Wojnarovicz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bill Jacobson, John Dugdale, Arthur Tress, Duane Michals, Berenice Abbott, Robert Flynt, among others

April 5 to June 2
Greg Kucera Gallery
212 Third Avenue South
Seattle, WA

Image: Bill Jacobson
Song of Sentient Beings #1588, 1995, from the collection of John Jenkins and Stephen Lyons

Also Showing
Author and Subject:
Contemporary Queer Photography
until May 27
Photo Center NW

Robert Yoder DILF!

May 3–June 16, 2012


Robert Yoder is an artist, a curator, and a collector. Since receiving his MFA from the University of Washington in 1987, Robert’s work has been exhibited widely in the Northwest. His collages made from retired wood road signs are visual translations of the act of gazing down from above which became an iconic body of work. Interested in the material possibilites of found objects, Robert moved from discarded signage through children’s building blocks, shopping bags, hazard tape, and cut portions of magazines as materials for his unique collage work that balances negative space with near abstraction of elements. He is currently exploring oil paint as a material, starting with a realistic image that he then pushes into the painterliness of paint.

“When I distill my thoughts about painting, it ultimately comes down to communication. Throughout the process, I ask myself questions about hopes, fears and fantasies.  As the work develops, I turn my questions toward the eventual audience. What will they see? What will I hide?  I am in a continuous first date—the flirting, the divulging, the evasiveness. This is how I chose to interact with the community—a community that I expect to be able to look and take the time to answer their own questions.  

“My current studio work is an investigation of my emotional and physical fantasies. The resulting confusion from blending a fantasy with a reality creates a bastard belief system that sums up my indifference and lack of concern. The way these private and vulnerable moments occur are what directs my making.  Whether these moments are created during acts of intimacy or acts of shame are of equal non-importance. The ability to connect with another person, either physically or emotionally or through a fantasy is interesting to me. Showing this euphoria as it is surrounded in confusion has been my challenge in the studio.

“I paint small oils on panel, many of which have collage elements. The paintings begin with pictorial realism but they quickly deteriorate into abstraction only to struggle themselves back towards semi-realness. I use minimal imagery to highlight the uneasiness between hesitation and determination. To expose myself is vital in my work. Conceit, betrayal and guilt combine with romance and devotion to form an uneasy tenderness.  This fragility is best shown without extraneous information. Although fully invested in the final imagery, I experience a detachment from the work and feel emotionally evasive throughout the creation process. As if emerging from a fog, the painted imagery begins to form, only to fall back. This back and forth area, this being and not quite being, is the address for my indifference--a position that is confident, yet not sure of its place in the world.  It is vulnerable while it breaks the surface and self-assured as it steps back. To me, this area is fully charged and is a new and exciting direction for my work.  

“An additional exciting breakthrough for my paintings is the addition of low relief sculptural objects. It is a far stretch to consider the work sculpture yet I consider many aspects of the work as such.  Even as I paint, I am aware of the small brushstrokes and consider them as a sculptural element. In this way I feel I am advancing my aesthetics and blurring the distinctions between disciplines. I believe this transforms the present concepts of the limitations of painting and sculpture.

“I have recently introduced large amounts of black into the paintings. The density of these works creates a roughness and adds a punk/SM aesthetic to the overall collection. I began drawing again, they are graphic, hard and unapologetic with their subject matter and intention. They are coming from a untapped place within me, a place that struggles with addiction and shame and socially un-accepted fantasies.” 

Robert’s work is in many collections including Amgen Corporation, Boeing Corporation, The City of Seattle Public Art Collection, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Hallmark Corporation, Henry Art Gallery, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Portland Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Swedish Health Services, Tacoma Art Museum, and Vulcan Incorporated. This is Robert's first exhibition at Platform.

Untitled (Brian), 2012, oil and acrylic on panel, 22 x 20 inches

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